Party Tips

Party Tips  

Party Tips When Booking With City Strip Chicagos Entertainers.

 Plan include: Plan in advance, Schedule Entertainment as soon as you have party details.

Strippers book fast and sometimes weeks in advance

We operate by a first come first serve basis.

But remember we will do all that we can for last minute parties.

Please make sure someone is able to answer the contact numbers you provide for your event or you maybe charged for cancelling. 

Chicago Entertainers Party Tips
Chicago Entertainers Party Tips 
  • Please have payment ready for entertainer at arrival.
  • Have all your guests present, especially your guest of honor. 
  • Have guests arrive one to two hours before entertainment. 
  • Make sure to have a large enough room for the show. 
  • Always have your own music source in case.
  •  Please make sure there is a large, clean and separate room for the entertainer to change or for private dances.
  •  Inform your guests of entertainment and policies.
  • Legal adult age always required. 
  • Entertainers prefer each guest to participate and  to bring $20-$50 each for tipping, games and dances.
  • Remember, the more that you tip the better of a show you will get determined by entertainer.
  • YOU are in control of how much you tip.
  • Dancers work to keep you Happy, they earn their tips.
  • Please be aware of mandatory tipping which might double your cost anywhere.

 Tips City Strip Booking Prices / Dancers Apply 

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